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Provider Demographic Changes

It is important for MCHP to keep its provider network information up-to-date. Up-to-date provider information allows MCHP to accurately generate provider directories, process claims and communicate with its network of providers.

Providers must notify MCHP in writing at least 60 days in advance when possible of changes, such as:

• Change in practice ownership or Federal TAX ID number
• Practice name change
• A change in practice address, phone or fax numbers
• Change in practice office hours
• New office site location
• Primary Care Providers (PCP) only: If your practice is open or closed to new patients

The provider data change form can be found at

Send changes via:


Fax: (888) 843-3938

Mail:     Miami Children’s Health Plan
              Attn: Provider Services
              701 Waterford Way
              Suite 300
              Miami, FL 33126

For additional assistance, contact provider services at (844) 243-5188.